Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

A Plan Hatched

The plan, although long in it’s devising, is simple: the team will smuggle themselves aboard the Retribution via a regular supply run. Once there, they will infect the Moff’s personal supply of Glitter Liqueur and other specialty items with a home-brewed virus. Once consumed, this should infect a number of the command crew and throw the ship into a temporary chaos. With this chaos as a cover, the team should be able to sneak over to a Heavy Spear ship with a stolen shuttle.

Suitably equipped, the group puts their plan into action. They travel aboard the Longshot to Heldon Prime, staying out of any Imperial entanglements along the way. At the spaceport, they make their way to the Imperial Consumables Supply Sector (ICSS) and track down the warehouse holding their targeted supplies. With most of the team hidden in crates and Ty posing as an Imperial Security Bureau agent on a mission, they wait for the supply shuttles to arrive.

Their patience pays off as the shuttles land and load the cargo in which they are hidden. With Ty in the passenger compartment and the rest of the crew in the cargo bay, the shuttle lifts off towards the Retribution.



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