Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

An unexpected mystery

Fraene’s ship reaches Sinkar, and enters realspace to the sight of a dying sun and close to orbit around the heavy giant planet. In short order, they come across an alarming sight: a clustered fleet of odd black cruiser-class ships being guarded by half the sector fleet of Victory Star Destroyers and the Retribution herself. After a glimpse of a star galleon being parted out to work on the black ships, Fraene darts away and rockets to safety before they are caught.

They jump to a point provided by Balia Kilvarri, and broadcast the signal that will summon her contacts. A ship arrives piloted by rogue Heldannic Knights, and after some convincing, they are led back to the Heldanni Freeholds; a decrepit water container ship repurposed by those who would resist the Empire.

After a debriefing and some downtime, the Heldannic Knights approach the group, asking for their advice, and possibly their help, in finding out what the Heavy Spear project is for, and why it is so important to the Empire. Each with their own motivations for doing so, the group agrees to help, and begins to formulate plans on how to accomplish this daunting task.



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