Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

Finally out of the crate

Despite all odds, the team have smuggled themselves onboard a Heavy Spear ship, and after breaking past security, they flee to the cave-like bowels of the ship with the aid of the captive Sullustan technicians. An older technician and supervisor named Radlebb turns out to be a great source of information, and gives the team the background of the activities on the ship. Sullustans have been on the ship for about 4 years, originally a small crew who spent all their time ray-shielding the ships circuitry. About six to nine months ago, a lot more techs were ‘imported’, and the pace was picked up drastically. Ray-shielding was completed and the preparations for attaching a huge set of sublight drives commenced. A short time ago, a star galleon was flown into the system and the engines from that were disabled.

When the Empire is finished in attaching the sublight drives to the ship, it will signal the end of the construction project, and likely the launch of whatever nefarious plan that Admiral Toft and Moff Parfour might have. A quick tour of some deserted parts of the ship reveals only more mystery, as the alien construction has an odd effect on Ty and Adam, but makes Fraene feel right at home.

Needing more information, the group decides to somehow infiltrate the sealed command decks and continue their investigation. Some quick blaster work procures some appropriate uniforms, and so dressed as stormtroopers, Imperial techs and a Legate, the band easy passes security teams to enter the command and control decks. Staying out of the way of Imperial staff, they locate an odd room containing an odd sculpture and what they reveal to be a sort of control panel. Ty finds a slot that seems able to accept his ancient data cube, and when placed in the port, images appear that shock him into immobility.

As the group tries to figure out what’s happened to the Legate, the sound of booted feet approaches. A stormtrooper looks through the open doorway, blaster at the ready…



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