Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

Hard choices

Forced into confronting a suspicious stormtrooper, the team reacts as best they can. Unfortunately, the trooper is trigger happy and talkative, and the team has to avoid being shot for their intrusion. Due to Zanzebar’s military excellence and a lucky shot placed by Fraene, the group escapes with only minor injuries.

Ty emerges from his shocked trance to see the chaos before him and the alien control panel displaying some odd readings. Unable to decipher all it’s meanings, the group once again seal the panel and prepare to continue their exploration of the command area. Their preparations are halted as Zanzebar detects a large approaching force with a vehicle, which causes the group to make a hard decision: continue on and hope their disguise holds, or to retreat to a safer area.

Trusting to their uniforms and story, the party limps towards the approaching sweep team, trying to bluff their way past. They are on the verge of escaping when a twist of fate turns spins the helmet on Krohan’s head. The sweep team begins an assault on the team, with the group barely escaping the brunt of the fire. Now they must decide whether to use their momentum and surprise to assault the alerted command centre, or to flee to the remote parts of the ship, perhaps even stealing a shuttle to escape the Heavy Spear entirely…



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