Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

House Rules

House Rules for the Star Wars campaign

  • Separation of Character Points and Action Points. Action points are awarded for doing or saying cool things, and can be used as described for CP on P83-84 of the R&E Rulebook. Character Points are awarded for accomplishing mission goals and moving your character towards accomplishing their personal goals. They are used as described on P33-36 of the R&E Rulebook.
  • Action points can be traded for Character Points at a 3 to 1 rate, as long as the Action Point total does not drop below 5.
  • No ammo for weapons is required. A failure on a Wild Die may cause a weapon failure.
  • Most skills have the identical counter skill, excpet for Dodge and Search. Example: there is no Brawling Parry or Melee Parry in my game. Dodge counters high velocity attacks such as Blasters or Grenade shrapnel. Search can be used vs. Hide and/or Sneak.
  • Passive rolls. A character who says ‘I take my time and do X’ where there is no risk or time pressure get an automatic Max minus 5 on their skill roll. Example: a character



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