Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

"I love it when a plan comes together"

Despite their weariness, the group turned to face the new threat mentioned by the Sullustans captives. As they prepared to move forward to sweep the engineering deck, Krohan reported hearing a strange mix of voices, at least partly over the comlink he had been monitoring. Without hesitation, he detonated the charge hidden on the command deck, the resulting explosion rushing down the nearest turbolift shaft, erupting on the engineering deck in a ball of flame. The flare of light reflected off the white shells of the armour of a stormtrooper squad as it approached from the far side of the deck.

The resulting encounter was swift, with the group quickly overwhelming the Imperial troops by virtue of numbers, effective new weapons and the aid of some frustrated Sullustans. During the encounter, the ship was rocked by some sort of mild impact, and Ty and Adam were driven to distraction by the sudden presence of more life energy than they had ever imagined. This event was soon followed by a return of ships’ power, as monitor banks and overhead lights began to light up the scene before them.

Once the engineering deck had been secured, the group began to make plans on how to proceed. Adam and Ty retreated to a corner to discuss their recent disturbance, while Narna and Fraene began to create a vehicle to move the team, and Zanzebar and Krohan began communications with the other Sullustans onboard and explored the computer systems, to get a better idea of the situation on board.

All of their efforts were rewarded. Krohan was able to pull together a rough schematic of the ship, information about the target of it’s maiden assault, and more to the point, in talking to the Sullustans tech around the ship, he learned that the former prisoners now had the upper hand! The imperial forces had been driven to far corners of the ship, and were contained in manageable areas. Unfortunately, while the Sullustans were occupied, a shuttle had landed, and Moff Parfour himself rushed to the command decks before he could be stopped.

As Narna and Fraene brought forward their makeshift armoured personnel carrier, the team reassembled and began to compare notes. Adam and Ty had discovered through mystic means that there were now four huge creatures on board the ship, the space-borne beings that Krohan had been seeking for so long. These creatures had a basic level of intelligence, had apparently instinctively joined with the ship upon being ‘called’ to it, and were now ready to do what was asked of them. Adam tentatively asked the creatures to move the ship, and they did! Or at least one did, sending the ship soaring into an arc; Adam was only effectively able to communicate with the creature nearest him.

The plan was set. The group would use the confusion of the Sullustan’s revolt to move to a point in the ship equidistant from all four of the space beings. Once there, they would move the ship away, trying to bring the entire Heavy Spear to freedom. It looked as though propulsion would not be an issue, but how would they see where they were going?



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