Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

Into the bowels

Despite their efforts to remain anonymous, the bridge crew’s high-alert status allowed them to detect the group, spotlighting their activities on the command bridge. With nowhere to go but forward, the team pressed on. While Ty and Adam attempted to convince the bridge crew that they had lawful control of the ship, Narna and Fraene planted an explosive device while Krohan worked on the ships’ computer systems under Zanzebar’s watchful eye. Although it started quietly enough, the situation soon erupted into chaos. While the yelling began and the weapons came unleashed, outside in space, VCSDs Gauntlet I and III began firing upon the space borne creatures.

Although the group made an excellent accounting for themselves, with Krohan finding a way to shut down the ships reactor core and Zanzebar drawing the attention of the stormtroopers with precision blaster fire, the groups cause was most greatly aided by the confusion among the fleet. As the Star Destroyers began to respond to the Heavy Spears’ reports of intrusion, a broadcast command was received by the entire fleet, sent by Imperial Fleet Command, recalling all main-line ships to the Yavin IV sector, in response to a rebel attack on Imperial forces in that sector.

As the Star Destroyers began to move into hyperspace, the group managed to take down the last of the active defending forces, and thus control of the bridge. As the last power element shut down and plunged the room into darkness, the team was left in starlight, looking out the viewport as the Star Destroyer Retribution hyperspaced away, but not before it ejected what could only be a shuttlecraft.

Worried about the potential threat, the groups’ first concern were dealing with the serious wounds dealt to many of the team, and they entered the forward section of the bridge in search of medical supplies. The Force must have been with them, as the remaining Imperial forces stayed barricaded at the far end of the section, unwilling or unable to make an assault against the team. The group managed to collect a number of desperately needed medical supplies, and also some new heavy weapons to add to their arsenal.

Their collection was timely, as behind them they could see the sparks and light of an attempt at a breach through the viewport. There were four heavily-armoured elite Zero-G Stormtroopers trying to re-take the bridge! Wasting no time, the group made their way to the turbolift shaft by which they had entered. Their goal: to restore power to the ship and lead the Sullustans in a revolt against the remaining Imperial troops.

The group arrived on the engineering deck, and quickly found a group of Sullustan techs being guarded by a squad of stormtroopers. They dispatched this group with efficiency, only to hear a Sullustan call out something which brought a wave of dread: “Let’s get out of here before that other squad gets here!”



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