Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

The consequences

Fearing that the egress of the command centre to be under heavy guard, the team makes a quick decision to venture deeper into the area. Their hunch proves fruitful as they come across two interesting finds: a crudely-installed turbolift shaft, and installed doors to officer’s quarters.

Wanting to remain out of sight for the time being, the team breaks into the room of the Heavy Spear’s highest ranking officer, an old acquaintance of Ty. Their intrusion turns up a new disguise and some datapads containing information about the Imperial involvement in the Heavy Spear project. Still wanting more technical details of the project, they search other quarters, but gain little and can sense the approach of the Imperial sweep teams.

Moving as stealthily as possible in purloined stormtrooper armour, the team approaches the turbolift and enters the shaft via a simple access panel. They climb upwards, and find themselves in the center of a guarded turbolift room. A quick and clever use of Krohan’s Sullustan toxin results in the collapse of most of the guards. Quick action and stun blasts take down those who remain, and the team has successfully reached the bridge level of the ship.

Trusting one last time to their disguises, the group walks onto the bridge. The scene is one of quiet chaos. Dozens of armed Navy techs work furiously on computer terminals and sensor banks while stormtroopers stand by at the ready. As though on thin ice, the group approaches the center of the bridge, and reaches a position where they can overhear the conversation occurring between the ships’ Commander and his functionaries.

Func1 - ' reply from sweep team 4. Sweep team 7 reports enemy fire in D corridor of the Troop Deck, and suspects the terrorists are heading for the power plant.'
Cmdr - 'Ensure all turbolifts are secure, shut them down if needed. Blast doors A through L are to be sealed. Are there any disturbances among the workers?'
Func1 - 'A minimal amount sir. There was some alarm when the corridors became sealed, but there doesn't seem to be any correlation between that and the terrorist attacks. News of the repair teams that were blasted into space is not widespread, but we have dispersed troops heavier than usual in order to quell any flare ups.'
Cmdr - 'Good. What about the organics?'
Func1 - 'No further information yet sir. There are a lot of them, very large. They could just be migrating through the system again.'
Cmdr - 'It's possible, but a pretty big coincidence. What does Retribution say?'
Func1 - 'We're still not getting a response sir. Gauntlet I and III are reporting that the Retribution is still in the guard pattern, but is also not replying to them. Low-level communication with crew indicates some disturbance with the command staff.'
Cmdr - 'Damn. What else could go wrong today?
Func2, running up - 'Sir! I've been tracking those organics, and it looks like they're on a collision course with the fleet!'

The screens on several monitors goes black, causing a stir amongst the technicians.

Cmdr - 'What's going on back there? Wait a minute... Who are THOSE people?'

All eyes turn to the team.



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