Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

The Story So Far

Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

Spaceport, trying to track down a Heldannic Fist, who may have information that the Legate needs. For some reason, Imperial forces start searching for someone. Their target appears to be Ty for some reason, and the group escapes the spaceport, blasting into orbit and getting away.

They go to the Sarnikken Asteroid belt based off of information that Zanzebar could remember about an old mission. The blast through an Imperial blockade with only minor resistance, and begin looking for the hollowed-out base asteroid that Zanzebar had mentioned. It turns out that Adam knows the location in question, and he leads the group to a hidden base. Investigation reveals that it was set up as an archive to preserve historical information of the time of the Old Republic. Almost all of the information has been destroyed, however they do find a few odds and ends that they wish to pursue. Their investigations are halted by a group of armed miners, who insist on escorting them back to the main mining colony. The group complies without violence, and they board a mining shuttle.

Arriving at the mining colony, Narna reacquaints herself with her family and friends, and Adam give his report to his boss, the mining Baron. The group makes a deal with the Baron in exchange for salvage and safe passage, and spend some time at the colony in order to repair their ship and get caught up on their researches. By this time, Krohan has installed a functioning lab on the ship and is assisting the mining techs in designing a sustainable hydroponics system, but despite his efforts the system continues to fail and the miners’ patience grows short. The situation comes to a head when Adam is caught in a compromising situation with the Baroness and is ordered off the colony with his new friends. They board just in time to hear the alarm raised over an approaching Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Retribution.

The group exits the asteroid thanks to Fraene’s piloting skills just in time to see the entire Imperial blockade enter hyperspace and exit the system. perplexed, the group decides to follow up on some information that Narna had dug out of a stolen datapad, and heads to the Kheedar system.

-Keedar Ring. Steal Vin Flivven’s ship and flee an attack from slaver uglies and a corvette. Ship contains Sullustan slaves, some dead.

-Land on an island of sulphurous planet. Strip parts from Flivven’s ship, have a trial and condemn him to marooning. About to leave when salver corvette, heavily damaged, homes in on signal from Flivven’s ship and kamakaze’s it. PCs escape and return to loot the corvette. Get some stuff and some clues about rogue Heldannic Fists.

-To find out more about Fists, go to Heldon Prime. On an orbital skyhook space station, find out that Fists are all KIA/MIA. Head back to ship, stormtroopers calling the name Kilvarri force them to flee. Zanzebar’s wife is there, and together they fight their way off the skyhook. Hyperspace to Sinkar, which were next coordinates in navcomputer.



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