Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

House Rules
House Rules for the Star Wars campaign
  • Separation of Character Points and Action Points. Action points are awarded for doing or saying cool things, and can be used as described for CP on P83-84 of the R&E Rulebook. Character Points are awarded for accomplishing mission goals and moving your character towards accomplishing their personal goals. They are used as described on P33-36 of the R&E Rulebook.
  • Action points can be traded for Character Points at a 3 to 1 rate, as long as the Action Point total does not drop below 5.
  • No ammo for weapons is required. A failure on a Wild Die may cause a weapon failure.
  • Most skills have the identical counter skill, excpet for Dodge and Search. Example: there is no Brawling Parry or Melee Parry in my game. Dodge counters high velocity attacks such as Blasters or Grenade shrapnel. Search can be used vs. Hide and/or Sneak.
  • Passive rolls. A character who says ‘I take my time and do X’ where there is no risk or time pressure get an automatic Max minus 5 on their skill roll. Example: a character
"I love it when a plan comes together"

Despite their weariness, the group turned to face the new threat mentioned by the Sullustans captives. As they prepared to move forward to sweep the engineering deck, Krohan reported hearing a strange mix of voices, at least partly over the comlink he had been monitoring. Without hesitation, he detonated the charge hidden on the command deck, the resulting explosion rushing down the nearest turbolift shaft, erupting on the engineering deck in a ball of flame. The flare of light reflected off the white shells of the armour of a stormtrooper squad as it approached from the far side of the deck.

The resulting encounter was swift, with the group quickly overwhelming the Imperial troops by virtue of numbers, effective new weapons and the aid of some frustrated Sullustans. During the encounter, the ship was rocked by some sort of mild impact, and Ty and Adam were driven to distraction by the sudden presence of more life energy than they had ever imagined. This event was soon followed by a return of ships’ power, as monitor banks and overhead lights began to light up the scene before them.

Once the engineering deck had been secured, the group began to make plans on how to proceed. Adam and Ty retreated to a corner to discuss their recent disturbance, while Narna and Fraene began to create a vehicle to move the team, and Zanzebar and Krohan began communications with the other Sullustans onboard and explored the computer systems, to get a better idea of the situation on board.

All of their efforts were rewarded. Krohan was able to pull together a rough schematic of the ship, information about the target of it’s maiden assault, and more to the point, in talking to the Sullustans tech around the ship, he learned that the former prisoners now had the upper hand! The imperial forces had been driven to far corners of the ship, and were contained in manageable areas. Unfortunately, while the Sullustans were occupied, a shuttle had landed, and Moff Parfour himself rushed to the command decks before he could be stopped.

As Narna and Fraene brought forward their makeshift armoured personnel carrier, the team reassembled and began to compare notes. Adam and Ty had discovered through mystic means that there were now four huge creatures on board the ship, the space-borne beings that Krohan had been seeking for so long. These creatures had a basic level of intelligence, had apparently instinctively joined with the ship upon being ‘called’ to it, and were now ready to do what was asked of them. Adam tentatively asked the creatures to move the ship, and they did! Or at least one did, sending the ship soaring into an arc; Adam was only effectively able to communicate with the creature nearest him.

The plan was set. The group would use the confusion of the Sullustan’s revolt to move to a point in the ship equidistant from all four of the space beings. Once there, they would move the ship away, trying to bring the entire Heavy Spear to freedom. It looked as though propulsion would not be an issue, but how would they see where they were going?

Into the bowels

Despite their efforts to remain anonymous, the bridge crew’s high-alert status allowed them to detect the group, spotlighting their activities on the command bridge. With nowhere to go but forward, the team pressed on. While Ty and Adam attempted to convince the bridge crew that they had lawful control of the ship, Narna and Fraene planted an explosive device while Krohan worked on the ships’ computer systems under Zanzebar’s watchful eye. Although it started quietly enough, the situation soon erupted into chaos. While the yelling began and the weapons came unleashed, outside in space, VCSDs Gauntlet I and III began firing upon the space borne creatures.

Although the group made an excellent accounting for themselves, with Krohan finding a way to shut down the ships reactor core and Zanzebar drawing the attention of the stormtroopers with precision blaster fire, the groups cause was most greatly aided by the confusion among the fleet. As the Star Destroyers began to respond to the Heavy Spears’ reports of intrusion, a broadcast command was received by the entire fleet, sent by Imperial Fleet Command, recalling all main-line ships to the Yavin IV sector, in response to a rebel attack on Imperial forces in that sector.

As the Star Destroyers began to move into hyperspace, the group managed to take down the last of the active defending forces, and thus control of the bridge. As the last power element shut down and plunged the room into darkness, the team was left in starlight, looking out the viewport as the Star Destroyer Retribution hyperspaced away, but not before it ejected what could only be a shuttlecraft.

Worried about the potential threat, the groups’ first concern were dealing with the serious wounds dealt to many of the team, and they entered the forward section of the bridge in search of medical supplies. The Force must have been with them, as the remaining Imperial forces stayed barricaded at the far end of the section, unwilling or unable to make an assault against the team. The group managed to collect a number of desperately needed medical supplies, and also some new heavy weapons to add to their arsenal.

Their collection was timely, as behind them they could see the sparks and light of an attempt at a breach through the viewport. There were four heavily-armoured elite Zero-G Stormtroopers trying to re-take the bridge! Wasting no time, the group made their way to the turbolift shaft by which they had entered. Their goal: to restore power to the ship and lead the Sullustans in a revolt against the remaining Imperial troops.

The group arrived on the engineering deck, and quickly found a group of Sullustan techs being guarded by a squad of stormtroopers. They dispatched this group with efficiency, only to hear a Sullustan call out something which brought a wave of dread: “Let’s get out of here before that other squad gets here!”

The consequences

Fearing that the egress of the command centre to be under heavy guard, the team makes a quick decision to venture deeper into the area. Their hunch proves fruitful as they come across two interesting finds: a crudely-installed turbolift shaft, and installed doors to officer’s quarters.

Wanting to remain out of sight for the time being, the team breaks into the room of the Heavy Spear’s highest ranking officer, an old acquaintance of Ty. Their intrusion turns up a new disguise and some datapads containing information about the Imperial involvement in the Heavy Spear project. Still wanting more technical details of the project, they search other quarters, but gain little and can sense the approach of the Imperial sweep teams.

Moving as stealthily as possible in purloined stormtrooper armour, the team approaches the turbolift and enters the shaft via a simple access panel. They climb upwards, and find themselves in the center of a guarded turbolift room. A quick and clever use of Krohan’s Sullustan toxin results in the collapse of most of the guards. Quick action and stun blasts take down those who remain, and the team has successfully reached the bridge level of the ship.

Trusting one last time to their disguises, the group walks onto the bridge. The scene is one of quiet chaos. Dozens of armed Navy techs work furiously on computer terminals and sensor banks while stormtroopers stand by at the ready. As though on thin ice, the group approaches the center of the bridge, and reaches a position where they can overhear the conversation occurring between the ships’ Commander and his functionaries.

Func1 - ' reply from sweep team 4. Sweep team 7 reports enemy fire in D corridor of the Troop Deck, and suspects the terrorists are heading for the power plant.'
Cmdr - 'Ensure all turbolifts are secure, shut them down if needed. Blast doors A through L are to be sealed. Are there any disturbances among the workers?'
Func1 - 'A minimal amount sir. There was some alarm when the corridors became sealed, but there doesn't seem to be any correlation between that and the terrorist attacks. News of the repair teams that were blasted into space is not widespread, but we have dispersed troops heavier than usual in order to quell any flare ups.'
Cmdr - 'Good. What about the organics?'
Func1 - 'No further information yet sir. There are a lot of them, very large. They could just be migrating through the system again.'
Cmdr - 'It's possible, but a pretty big coincidence. What does Retribution say?'
Func1 - 'We're still not getting a response sir. Gauntlet I and III are reporting that the Retribution is still in the guard pattern, but is also not replying to them. Low-level communication with crew indicates some disturbance with the command staff.'
Cmdr - 'Damn. What else could go wrong today?
Func2, running up - 'Sir! I've been tracking those organics, and it looks like they're on a collision course with the fleet!'

The screens on several monitors goes black, causing a stir amongst the technicians.

Cmdr - 'What's going on back there? Wait a minute... Who are THOSE people?'

All eyes turn to the team.

Hard choices

Forced into confronting a suspicious stormtrooper, the team reacts as best they can. Unfortunately, the trooper is trigger happy and talkative, and the team has to avoid being shot for their intrusion. Due to Zanzebar’s military excellence and a lucky shot placed by Fraene, the group escapes with only minor injuries.

Ty emerges from his shocked trance to see the chaos before him and the alien control panel displaying some odd readings. Unable to decipher all it’s meanings, the group once again seal the panel and prepare to continue their exploration of the command area. Their preparations are halted as Zanzebar detects a large approaching force with a vehicle, which causes the group to make a hard decision: continue on and hope their disguise holds, or to retreat to a safer area.

Trusting to their uniforms and story, the party limps towards the approaching sweep team, trying to bluff their way past. They are on the verge of escaping when a twist of fate turns spins the helmet on Krohan’s head. The sweep team begins an assault on the team, with the group barely escaping the brunt of the fire. Now they must decide whether to use their momentum and surprise to assault the alerted command centre, or to flee to the remote parts of the ship, perhaps even stealing a shuttle to escape the Heavy Spear entirely…

Finally out of the crate

Despite all odds, the team have smuggled themselves onboard a Heavy Spear ship, and after breaking past security, they flee to the cave-like bowels of the ship with the aid of the captive Sullustan technicians. An older technician and supervisor named Radlebb turns out to be a great source of information, and gives the team the background of the activities on the ship. Sullustans have been on the ship for about 4 years, originally a small crew who spent all their time ray-shielding the ships circuitry. About six to nine months ago, a lot more techs were ‘imported’, and the pace was picked up drastically. Ray-shielding was completed and the preparations for attaching a huge set of sublight drives commenced. A short time ago, a star galleon was flown into the system and the engines from that were disabled.

When the Empire is finished in attaching the sublight drives to the ship, it will signal the end of the construction project, and likely the launch of whatever nefarious plan that Admiral Toft and Moff Parfour might have. A quick tour of some deserted parts of the ship reveals only more mystery, as the alien construction has an odd effect on Ty and Adam, but makes Fraene feel right at home.

Needing more information, the group decides to somehow infiltrate the sealed command decks and continue their investigation. Some quick blaster work procures some appropriate uniforms, and so dressed as stormtroopers, Imperial techs and a Legate, the band easy passes security teams to enter the command and control decks. Staying out of the way of Imperial staff, they locate an odd room containing an odd sculpture and what they reveal to be a sort of control panel. Ty finds a slot that seems able to accept his ancient data cube, and when placed in the port, images appear that shock him into immobility.

As the group tries to figure out what’s happened to the Legate, the sound of booted feet approaches. A stormtrooper looks through the open doorway, blaster at the ready…

Hide and seek

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A Plan Hatched

The plan, although long in it’s devising, is simple: the team will smuggle themselves aboard the Retribution via a regular supply run. Once there, they will infect the Moff’s personal supply of Glitter Liqueur and other specialty items with a home-brewed virus. Once consumed, this should infect a number of the command crew and throw the ship into a temporary chaos. With this chaos as a cover, the team should be able to sneak over to a Heavy Spear ship with a stolen shuttle.

Suitably equipped, the group puts their plan into action. They travel aboard the Longshot to Heldon Prime, staying out of any Imperial entanglements along the way. At the spaceport, they make their way to the Imperial Consumables Supply Sector (ICSS) and track down the warehouse holding their targeted supplies. With most of the team hidden in crates and Ty posing as an Imperial Security Bureau agent on a mission, they wait for the supply shuttles to arrive.

Their patience pays off as the shuttles land and load the cargo in which they are hidden. With Ty in the passenger compartment and the rest of the crew in the cargo bay, the shuttle lifts off towards the Retribution.

An unexpected mystery

Fraene’s ship reaches Sinkar, and enters realspace to the sight of a dying sun and close to orbit around the heavy giant planet. In short order, they come across an alarming sight: a clustered fleet of odd black cruiser-class ships being guarded by half the sector fleet of Victory Star Destroyers and the Retribution herself. After a glimpse of a star galleon being parted out to work on the black ships, Fraene darts away and rockets to safety before they are caught.

They jump to a point provided by Balia Kilvarri, and broadcast the signal that will summon her contacts. A ship arrives piloted by rogue Heldannic Knights, and after some convincing, they are led back to the Heldanni Freeholds; a decrepit water container ship repurposed by those who would resist the Empire.

After a debriefing and some downtime, the Heldannic Knights approach the group, asking for their advice, and possibly their help, in finding out what the Heavy Spear project is for, and why it is so important to the Empire. Each with their own motivations for doing so, the group agrees to help, and begins to formulate plans on how to accomplish this daunting task.

The Story So Far

Star Wars: Heldanni Freedom

Spaceport, trying to track down a Heldannic Fist, who may have information that the Legate needs. For some reason, Imperial forces start searching for someone. Their target appears to be Ty for some reason, and the group escapes the spaceport, blasting into orbit and getting away.

They go to the Sarnikken Asteroid belt based off of information that Zanzebar could remember about an old mission. The blast through an Imperial blockade with only minor resistance, and begin looking for the hollowed-out base asteroid that Zanzebar had mentioned. It turns out that Adam knows the location in question, and he leads the group to a hidden base. Investigation reveals that it was set up as an archive to preserve historical information of the time of the Old Republic. Almost all of the information has been destroyed, however they do find a few odds and ends that they wish to pursue. Their investigations are halted by a group of armed miners, who insist on escorting them back to the main mining colony. The group complies without violence, and they board a mining shuttle.

Arriving at the mining colony, Narna reacquaints herself with her family and friends, and Adam give his report to his boss, the mining Baron. The group makes a deal with the Baron in exchange for salvage and safe passage, and spend some time at the colony in order to repair their ship and get caught up on their researches. By this time, Krohan has installed a functioning lab on the ship and is assisting the mining techs in designing a sustainable hydroponics system, but despite his efforts the system continues to fail and the miners’ patience grows short. The situation comes to a head when Adam is caught in a compromising situation with the Baroness and is ordered off the colony with his new friends. They board just in time to hear the alarm raised over an approaching Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Retribution.

The group exits the asteroid thanks to Fraene’s piloting skills just in time to see the entire Imperial blockade enter hyperspace and exit the system. perplexed, the group decides to follow up on some information that Narna had dug out of a stolen datapad, and heads to the Kheedar system.

-Keedar Ring. Steal Vin Flivven’s ship and flee an attack from slaver uglies and a corvette. Ship contains Sullustan slaves, some dead.

-Land on an island of sulphurous planet. Strip parts from Flivven’s ship, have a trial and condemn him to marooning. About to leave when salver corvette, heavily damaged, homes in on signal from Flivven’s ship and kamakaze’s it. PCs escape and return to loot the corvette. Get some stuff and some clues about rogue Heldannic Fists.

-To find out more about Fists, go to Heldon Prime. On an orbital skyhook space station, find out that Fists are all KIA/MIA. Head back to ship, stormtroopers calling the name Kilvarri force them to flee. Zanzebar’s wife is there, and together they fight their way off the skyhook. Hyperspace to Sinkar, which were next coordinates in navcomputer.


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